From Start to Taking Control
288 pages about how to use your personality, develop a concept and run your business.

The book is very useful for the reader who wishes to learn how to utilize his or her personality developing a company. In this book you can find inspiration, exercises and questions for fruitful discussions with your surroundings and advisors or own considerations.

When you have achieved awareness about your own personality, the book gives you a list of items needed to describe and develop your concept. All the way through the book gives you general issues about how to run your business and you will find questions and forms for creation of overview and gathering of knowledge.

The book was written by a wage earner who started to dream about entrepreneurship in 1998. This journey has provided experience and realisations, and he wished to gather it all in a book to help others who want to learn about entrepreneurship, establishment of a company or develop an existing company.

288 pages paperback, also excellent as reference work.
Isbn: 978-87-993198-2-4


The Entrepreneur’s Action Book - From Start to Taking Control