From Start to Taking Control

Isbn: 978-87-993198-2-4
288 pages paperback

Makes life easier for the counsellor – always at hand:

“From Start to Taking Control of Your company” Becoming self-employed is an exciting and instructive process which becomes a life-style as you go.

The entrepreneur can create just the company that suits his personality and the concept which leads to the company. With the handbook:

From Start to Taking Control of Your Company” the reader is taken through considerations about his personality, mental health and inner values – all of which create the concept with the original idea. This makes the reader able to go through his or her concept and make sure that the basis is thoroughly considered before the company is started.


During establishment and growth of the company this book provides a lot of issues which make it easier to run the firm.

The Entrepreneur´s Action Book, From Start to Taking Control

This is the easy way to learn about life as self-employed.

With this handbook for entrepreneurs you have a tool which will make it easier for you to becoming self-employed.

The book contains several good questions about the phases, personality, concept, establishment and growth.

288 pages contain all the most important issues. As there is a great difference between establishing a shop, consultancy or company the book has check lists and inspiration points which encourage the reader to get further information.