Start – Personality – Transformation from employee to entrepreneur

The Entrepreneur’s Action Book by John Larsen and translated by Anna Marie Olsson


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Content Life Module 1:

Additional Contents:

The Creation of Value

If I Can - Then so Can You

Simple list of Contents

This is How Anyone Can 
Become Self-employed

Barriers Against Becoming 
Self Employed

Changes in Life

Don’t Take it Personally

Make Your Frustrations 
Work for You

Go through the following incase of a frustration


Structure Use Your Interests as Strengths

What Can I Get = What Can I Create

Your Own Self-Employment 

Own Requirements for 
Starting Your Life Module

Utilise Your Abilities

Know Yourself in a New Way

Support From Those Who areClose to You

How do You Work at Your 


You Will See - What You 
Want to See

One Issue at the Time

Three Kinds of People

Practicing Order and 


Positive / Negative Table

Thank You for Your Help toYour Self

Inspiration to Persons YouKnow


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